TRS manages projects according to the QTP (Quality on Time Profitably) philosophy. Clients require that projects deliverables be of the highest quality and produced within the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible price. However internally business owners require return on investment (ROI). As such TRS hires a dedicated and suitably qualified team of project managers who understand this philosophy and have the passion to effectively handle projects anywhere in the 15 countries that TRS is able to conduct research in Africa.

The TRS project management team collectively has more than thirty years of experience in Project Management. The entire TRS team is a perfect blend of administrators, accountants, market analysts, journalists, development specialists, economists, sociologists, librarians , social workers, statisticians, historians etc.

Our Data Collection Officers

As a consultancy, TRS’s core activity is interviewing. As such, the business regularly invests in training qualified data collection professionals on how to collect insightful data from people of various cultures and backgrounds in the different countries we work in. Our focus is on African communities (emerging markets) and our field teams are largely youthful to cope with the physical demands of genuine fieldwork in Africa.

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