TRS Founder Patson Gasura

Knowledge (kuziva/ulwazi) a key barrier to organisational success in Zimbabwe

In my line of profession, market/ing research, I am privileged to work almost like a medical Doctor but in this case an organisational Doctor, if you like. What happens is that organisations ‘not feeling well’ especially in terms of customer related elements (customers in this case includes consumers, shopper, employees and members of the public)  […]


Real solution to our socio-economic challenges!

Everyone has become an economist of one form or another offering all sorts of explanations for socio-economic challenges facing our beloved country. Radical decisions have been taken in business, in politics, in churches etc., but we seem stuck, with problems manifesting themselves in different forms at different times. Now cities and offices are full of […]


Barriers to SMEs

One of the fundamental lessons to draw from small businesses (SMEs) in Zimbabwe and Africa in general is that there is more talk and statistics about businesses that die than those that survive. This is quite evident in the prevailing situation in Zimbabwe where we read more of company closures than successful stories. This trend […]

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